Initial Consultation

Radio One's approach to BDA and DAS design is customer-centric and considers several factors to ensure we are meeting each of our customers' unique needs and objectives. Our goal is to provide our clients with a reliable system that meets and exceeds all required codes, provides the coverage that they need and will last for years to come.

Helping You Understand the Codes

Navigating fire code requirements to be compliant can easily become overwhelming. Having a partner that understands local Florida fire codes is imperative since each jurisdiction and municipality vary in their required local ordinances and statutes. Many jurisdictions will enforce amended versions of the code or use different codebooks. Industrial stays up to date on all these changes as we deal with multiple city and county guidelines. We have long-term relationships with many of the AHJs and local Fire Marshalls and understand specifically how they are interpreting code compliance. Leverage our Public Safety DAS/BDA experts to help you on your current or new building requirements.

Site Survey

Before designing a DAS for an existing building, we perform a comprehensive site survey using the most current technology and equipment available that meets or exceeds the industry standards for ERCES signal surveys. The Signal surveys determine exactly where problem areas may lie, which our RF engineers utilize to ensure a successful system design. Depending on requirements, you may have the ability to scale your coverage area down to just those areas that may be coverage challenged.

System Design

If a DAS system is required due to failing signal coverage, Radio One Inc. will design a solution based on your specific needs and budget that complies with Florida SB 1190, NFPA 72, NFPA 1221, Florida Building Code and IFC codes for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERCES). Our certified design team has led the way in wireless communications in Florida for over 40 years. Once the site survey and DAS design have been completed, we will submit the full design package to the local AHJ for their approval and permitting.


Once the permit has been approved, our professional team of installers will quickly and expertly install all the cabling, connectors, antennas, tappers, electrical outlets, grounds, Battery backup system and BDA. If requested, we can also install the EMT conduit required in most jurisdictions. We can also handle any Core Drilling and X-rays if needed.


Once installed our engineering team will test and commission the system to ensure it meets the radio coverage required per code and will pass inspection. After testing, we coordinate with the radio system owner and verify with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that the system is operating as it should (Turn Up System). With approval by the inspector and AHJ, a close out package and as-built drawings as required by the local jurisdiction will be submitted and a copy provided to ownership. Our engineering team provides the expertise needed to keep your system on-air for the long term. During an emergency, First Responders depend on frequencies that these systems utilize that are regulated by the FCC. As a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, Radio One Inc. has designed, installed, and maintained Radio systems for commercial and Public Safety communications for decades.

System Monitoring & Maintenance

To ensure long-term stability of your new DAS, we include a one year SLA with all our projects, with options to extend the maintenance for the life of the system for a nominal annual fee. Current NFPA code requires that any Public Safety DAS should be monitored for faults that may arise from loss of power, Battery or charger failure, BDA System failure, antenna damage, oscillation events or low output power from BDA. These alarms should have a visible indicator at the fire control panel location. We will do a test of all the alarms, equipment performance, battery voltage and signal strength to ensure the system is working as optimally as the day it was installed.


Per International Fire Code Section 510.6.1, “The emergency responder radio coverage system shall be inspected and tested annually or whenever structural changes occur including additions or remodels that could materially change the original field performance tests”. Radio One Inc. offers annual inspection services to ensure that equipment is operating correctly and complies with IFC 510 code requirements.