Is Your Building Compliant?

Comply With Fire Codes and Ordinances

Distributed Antenna System Certifications

Does your building comply with your local ordinances and fire codes? Many municipalities throughout Florida are mandating building owners provide uninterrupted wireless coverage for first responders while inside their buildings. 

First responders need a reliable, resilient, optimized wireless broadband network to carry out their mission. Not only must they communicate instantly without interruption, but agencies must collect and filter through all the information streaming in from the community. Interoperability among agencies and secure transmissions are critical to an effective coordinated response.

The specifics of these ordinances and codes vary, but most include:

  • A minimum signal strength limit
  • Application of the limit over a specified percentage of each floor
  • A specific level of reliability (power backup, water protection, cable protection)
  • A specified frequency band or bands for public safety coverage
  • Testing requirements and procedures
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance Standards
  • Provisions for penalties, and Provisions for waivers of the requirements.

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