Corning Mobile Access

A Complete Portfolio of Operator-Grade, Enterprise-Ready In-Building Cellular Solutions

The comprehensive MobileAccess 1000/2000 portfolio of in-building wireless infrastructure solutions offers built-in RF intelligence and flexible architectures to fit every facility, large or small. As a leading distributed antenna systems vendor, our enterprise-ready, operator-grade solutions enable a wide variety of technologies and service offerings including a 4G LTE network architecture for the newest breed of mobile devices.

Backed by award-winning technical expertise, our portfolio gives enterprise networks and operators maximum flexibility with a broadband, multi-operator pay-as-you-grow option and single-operator options using existing local area network cabling.

Thinking About Your Future? Here's What You Should Consider:

Mobile Enablement – You have mobile staff, clients, and visitors whose productivity or guest satisfaction depends on wireless services from a variety of wireless operators.

Poor Coverage – Your existing cellular coverage footprint relies on the outdoor macro network and your indoor receive signal strength indicator (RSSI) is well below -85 dBm, and typically available only around building windows.

Mission-Critical Communications – Enterprise applications or communications require redundant networks, coverage, and capacity – in today’s environment robust cellular and Wi-Fi are required to address all applications.

Building Topology – Open buildings with few hard walls require a lower antenna density than more densely constructed facilities. Some infrastructure options allow you to quickly add coverage or capacity as your floor plans change or expand.

Future Service Requirements – Modular system design enables future service additions or capacity additions as operator changes are made or, enterprise demands develop.